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Blog: All Things Film – Steve Jobs (2015) Reviewed


Because this movie has been written by AAron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, there’s little denying that Steve Jobs has a frenetic pace, udnercut by a low hum of a score. This is essentially a talky character piece, whereby Michael Fassbender as Jobs can bounce of his aide Kate Winslet and former/current employer Jeff Daniels, and co-conspoirator Steve Wozniak, ... Read More »

3: Touchdown… The Best & Worst Of Super Bowl 50’s Movie Trailers! – The Film Podcast


Host Phil Hobden is joined by  writer & critic Andrew Mackay, podcaster Josh Morris and filmmaker Drew Cullingham for a timely look at this past weekends Super money Super Bowl movie trailers and a sneaky back door look at our  most anticipated films of 2016! Get ready for spirited chat, heated debates and more… For more check out:  Like What you heard? Please ... Read More »

Blog: The Big Short – A Quick Capsule Review


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: The Big Short is an exceptional dramedy (yes I hate that term also) about the financial melt down of 2007/8.  What makes it really work (except some exceptional performances) is both it’s lightness of touch on such a dour subject and it’s ability to make you actually understand what is going on.  Clever, well directed and fun. ... Read More »

Blog: All Things Film – The Fifth Wave Reviewed


What do you get when you lump Independence Day, How I Live Now, the Call of Duty franchise, bits of I Am Legend and The Hunger Games into a blender and hit “frappe”? You get The 5th Wave. I can see how this might seem almost immediately that this is a somewhat disparaging review of The 5th Wave. The truth ... Read More »

Blog: All Things Film – Point Break (2016) Reviewed


I suppose when your first foot concerns itself with being a remake of a much-loved, pant-wetting hard R rated action film, you’re never off to a good start. Whilst sitting through this endlessly tedious remake of the 1991 smash hit, I was reminded of just how far we’ve come. In 1991, there were no CGI effects, and certainly the budget ... Read More »

Love – Motion Picture Maniac


I feel some ground needs to be covered before really getting into this seeing as Love is the kind of film that you can look unsophisticated for not liking, I must admit that I adore arthouse movies, I absolutely love them to bits, Stranger By The Lake, Blue Is The Warmest Colour, Drive, Only God Forgives, everything Terrence Malick has ... Read More »

Spoiling: Dirty Grandpa + The Big Short – The Film Podcast


We have a double bill review as we discuss the Oscar nominated Dirty Grandpa and the sleazy and disgusting, The Big Short… Wait, I think that’s the wrong way  round, no? Okay then. Be sure to listen to our reviews and let us know what you think! For more check out:  Like What you heard? Please review us on iTunes!  Read More »

Blog: Ted 2 – A Quick Capsule Review


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: Okay so Ted was a case of lightning in a bottle.  A great script, a clever premise and a cast at the top of their game.  Oh and THAT cameo.  So Ted 2 was always going to struggle to beat that.  And unsurprisingly it doesn’t.  But at time sit comes bloody close.  It also has a stand out ... Read More »

Blog: All Things Film – Dirty Grandpa Reviewed


I wonder if, in future pub quizzes, frequented by thirty-somethings who are now children, if a question will come up which asks “Who starred in the film s ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’, Meet the Fockers’ and ‘Dirty Grandpa’?”. I suspect that those grown ups may not get the answer right, as even these titles would be beyond their remit. For us, ... Read More »